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Learn About How Ecommodities is Working for the Better

Ecommodities brings to the world a great variety of the best Peruvian Superfoods from the Andes and Amazon rainforest, working hand by hand with the farmers doing a fair labor with the environment and communities to cultivate our superfoods and taking care of the vital natural sources that we need to preserve them for future generations.

The knowledge of our experts and the local farmers in agricultural and manufacturing practices allow us to conserve the vital sources that will preserve the superfoods for next generations.

Focus in developing new flavors, sizes, mixes, specific analysis based in a “Tailor made product and service”.


Strong alliances with local farmers from the Andes and Amazon rainforest working under the basis of a friendly work with the environment and community. 

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Ecommodities has the structure and condition to export Peruvian Superfoods to all the Globe.